• Fine and experienced sewing and workmanship

  • High quality sewing threads to ensure secure stitching and quality seams.

  • Perfect hem stitches by lock stiches with fine back stitches fully automatically sewn .

  • Perfect , solid and durable seams ,

  • Finely sewn , balanced , correctly tensioned and consistently stitched density on the seams

  • Firmly sewn labels

  • Careful and ideal folding and packaging

Gucci Kitap Kutusu
Vague Kitap Kutusu
Dior Kitap Kutusu
Chanel Kitap Kutusu
Dekoratif Kitap Kutusu
Circular Blades
Straight Blades
Razor Blades
Guillotine Blades
Machine Knives
Industrial Blades
Punch Knives
Paper Cutting Blades
Packaging Blades
Plastic Cutting Blades
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